LIVE!! 2014 Track World Championships - 26th February to 2nd March

It's Worlds time, track fans! And this is going to be a really interesting competition - in Cali's half-indoor, half-outdoor velodrome, apparently with tropical storms lashing Colombia. Here's what it looks like:

Track Worlds is always spectacular, and we have great ways to watch all the "evening" sessions. Cali is 5 hours behind UK GMT, 6 hours behind mainland European CET and 11 hours behind Australian AEST, so it's stay up late at night for Europeans, or watch surreptitiously from work the next day for Aussies - but it's perfect for the North and South American continents, as Cali is in the same timezone as USA EST and 3 hours ahead of USA PST.

There is a load of tv (especially good coverage from the BBC in the UK and SBS in Aus) and you can see what's possible in your area from the UCI tv guide - and there are livestreams of the evening sessions on the UCI website, which become archives of the action, if you can't watch live: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 (geo-blocked in areas that have bought the rights, but Hola and Tunnelbear, set to Spain and Sweden, should unlock them) - and of course, the usual streams in the usual places.

Follow the excellent race twitter for updates and photos as they happen - it's really been great in the run-up - and check out the race website for lots more info. Results on Tissot, on their page and live timing through their app - and I've got a blog with more resources over here. Here's the schedule, and for the key points:

  • Day 1, Wednesday 26th: women's scratch & team sprint; men's team pursuit
  • Day 2, Thursday 27th: women's 500m & team pursuit; men's keirin, individual pursuit & scratch
  • Day 3, Friday 28th: women's individual pursuit & sprint early rounds; men's kilo, points & omnium rounds 1-3
  • Day 4, Saturday 1st: women's points, sprint finals & omnium rounds 1-3; men's sprint early rounds and omnium rounds 4-6
  • Day 5, Sunday 2nd: women's omnium rounds 4-6 & keirin; men's sprint finals and madison

We'll chat in the comments - and if you're new to track, and want to know more, please do ask us anything, the Café track fans love to help people get into the sport!

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