Boonen's last chance at Milan-San Remo

First of all, a link to the article in l'Equipe.

For those of you who don't read french, a clumsy (and less amusing than the gnomes could do) translation:

Tom Boonen, "My last chance"

For the belgian Tom Boonen, Sunday is definitely his last chance at winning the Italian classic before an announced change of parcours.

l'Equipe: Tom Boonen, what did Paris-Nice do you for you last week?

Boonen: It was a good Paris-Nice for me, with lots of tension all the way to the final. There were 8 race stages with no time trial. Now, I've done a lot of kilometers, with great weather like that, it's very important for the big goals to come.

l'Equipe: Is Milan-San Remo one of your main goals?

Boonen: From here on out, all the races are important, from San Remo on. I'll be at the start of all the races (with the goal) to win. It's probably my last chance to win this race (MSR), without the Pompeiana. But that's the same situation for lots of other strong and fast riders.

l'Equipe: Milan-San Remo is a classic that has avoided you ("resists you"), does that bother you?

Boonen: It's a different kind of race, very nervous, tense. We're on small roads with the cars at the side. I really like this race. It's one of my rare race days in Italy during the season. The Cipressa and the Poggio are difficult but not impossible for a rider like me.

l'Equipe: You're a teammate of Mark Cavendish. What will be your strategy?

Boonen: With the team we have, Kwiatkowski and Stybar, we're going to make the race hard at the end. If Mark is still there after the Poggio, we'll do the sprint for him but we're not going to wait. We're going to make the race.

(Holms, calm down there buddy!)

l'Equipe: What still motivates you? To finally win San Remo or to win Roubaix for the 5th time?

Boonen: My heart is for the classics of the north, the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix, ever since I've been pro. I'm always motivated for all the races, i really love to ride a bike. To win a race for the first or the fifth time, that doesn't change anything for me.

et voila ...

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