FSA-DS: Here we go Gathering (Do)nuts in May

Spring Classics are over. Giro prep is done. Not-so-wild Turkey dutifully distilled and bottled. There's a few days of rest before the Arnaud Démare Benefit Race starts. And there's a race starting in Bella Fasti on Friday that lots of people like just a wee bit.

It's a small pause in the season. And time to take stock of your FSA-DS team.

Maglia rosa or Maglia nera?

Are you sitting pretty, quietly or otherwise, content with your team and ready to rack up those Cat.1 Grand Tour points?

Or is your self-deprecating team title proving to be a little too close to the mark for unbridled joy and happiness to spring forth?

Me - well, on the whole I'm doing OK, I think. My Big3 are taking a well-earned rest after many days in the saddle and, all other things being equal, should pay for themselves over the year without earning absolutely top dollar. My lucky strikes have been down in the 1-pt class. They're averaging nearly 100 as a whole already, thanks to just two guys (take a bow, Moreno Hofland and Julien Simon), so the rest of the season is gravy for the six of them.

My 2-pt guys are a bit hit-and-miss but again, as a class, they are on course to pay for themselves over the season or get very close, just like the Big3. No complaints really (no, not even you, Johnny Hoogie, or you, Toby Jugvigsson).

It's those troublesome middle-rankers - the 4 thru 12 bracket - that are underperforming and letting things slide at the moment. Gerro is the only one to bring home any bacon so far of the not-so-magnificent 7 and I've got 50 points invested in them - a third of the total. Can do better, guys - c'mon. At the same time, I'm not sure I'd swap any of you out or regret taking any of you. (Though if I could have had 26 guys and taken another 6-pt Trek guy as well....)

Mmmmm, Donuts.

I know this is a subject dear to many of your hearts - Pablo, wake up at the back ;-)

Mine too. At least, the real thing - preferably crammed full of raspberry jam and with enough sugar sprinkled on the top to cheer up even Bob Mould.

VDS-donuts? Not so much, to be honest. A rider's average score per pricepoint does more to get my VDS-heart beating furiously, either with joy or in anticipation of an impending heart attack. FWIW, I've got 8 of them, hoping to lose one or two this month, though one of them appears to have gone seriously AWOL. Ground Control to Janier Acevedo - are you receiving me?

Please share your donut joy/angst in the comments below.

And Finally ... An Open Letter to Mr. Rigoberto Duran Duran

(I know many of you are with me on this one.)

Dearest Rigo,

Look now, look all around, there's no sign of life. Voices, another sound, can you hear me now? This is Planet Earth, you're looking at Planet Earth calling Rigo. And saying -

Just win (some Giro points) baby!

Lots of love,

Monochrome Overload (and 339 other teams)

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