SUNDAY! SUNDAY! World Cup + an apology

Games on tap and I am totally done making predictions:

1) First game is Belgium - Russia in Rio. 9am pacific, 5pm in England, 6pm in most of western Europe. Most likely the game that decides who wins Group H but then I have no business saying that. Psst, Belgium: Aim for the Russian goalkeeper's hands.

2) Second game is South Korea - Algeria in Porto Alegre. Noon pacific, 8pm in England, 4 am in Seoul. Preview of the final game? That's how much of clue that I have.

3) Last game...USA - Portugal in the Manaus rainforest. Game time is 3pm pacific, 11pm England and Portugal, midnight in western Europe. Be interesting to see if Klinsmann uses the same tactics that Germany used again Portugal, or something close to it. In that game Germany trotted out basically a 4-6-0 (or 4-5-1 if you think of Muller as a forward). In other words so many articles wonder who is the US gonna replace Altidore-Wondo or Johannsson- when it could be neither with Dempsey playing a false 9.


Now my apology. Yesterday I promised oodles of points for everybody. 60-88 points if I remember. At least Messi came through. But Germany? How limp can you be boys? Then the Bosnia screw job: the worst reffing so far, easy. So out with those points and in with the usual 50ish-30ish points. I'm sorry for getting yer hopes up. But one player fared the best...

Con game player of the day is Retancourt!!!!!!!

Nice job! 57 big phat points for you to get you more into contention. Retancourt was one of several who have Argentina at 32 but she also has the Nigeria Super Eagles at 25-and they are sure looking good to go through to the next round now.

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is Retancourt!!!!!!!

New award people! The Sepp Blatter player of the day goes to the player who is closest to the score you would get if you took the official FIFA rankings of the teams, ranked them the way we do in our Con game and scored them. Today the Sepp Blatter score is 468, just above Retancourt's 465. My advice Ret is to kick Sepp in what is left of his balls and score way above him tomorrow.

Okay the updated rankings. Bought with Blood is the only player over 500 and he increased his lead today. But notice several lower ranked players have moved up several places since yesterday because they have Nigeria fairly high. Nigeria was the x factor today: some teams have Nigeria around 10 or so and other around 18-20 or more:

  • 1. Bought with Blood 512
  • 2. (tied) ursula 494
  • 2. (tied) mpw5 494
  • 4. Wastrel 491
  • 5. (tied) Pigilito 488
  • 5. (tied) aldietrich 488
  • 5. (tied) Gizzardfanny 488
  • 5. (tied) Yarb 488
  • 9. (tied) the r00kie16 483
  • 9. (tied) Larrick23 483
  • 11. (tied) Celticpride 482
  • 11. (tied) tgsgirl 482
  • 11. (tied) Strides85 482
  • 14. (tied) sebastiandeluded 480
  • 14. (tied) Ben Corson 480
  • 16. Holmvoka 476
  • 17. broerie 473
  • (SEPP BLATTER 468)
  • 18. Retancourt 465
  • 19. (tied) johnnysteeler 460
  • 19. (tied) Chris Fontecchio 460
  • 21. Pintahead 452
  • 22. MrSneaky 450
  • 23. pablo777 449
  • 24. (tied) Jens 446
  • 24. (tied) Mathieug 446
  • 26. conork17 437
  • 27. Alans1472 433
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 430

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