Monday World Cup: Last Games of the Group Stages Begin

No more three games in a day as on the last game days of each gr0up sees both group matches played simultaneously. The can result in some crazy games as each game keps an eagle eye on the other.

So two sets of two games each day until Thursday. Today, Monday we see Groups A and B:

1) First games are Group B, both games start at 9am pacific, 5pm in England, 6pm in most of western Europe, 2am in Australian eastern, 1am in Australian central and midnight in Australian western time.

A) Australia - Spain in Curitiba. Both teams are eliminated. Only things of interest here are if Spain has any life still, including possibly playing their younger players. Otherwise the Socceroos kick their butts back home to Madrid and Barcelona.

B) Netherlands - Chile in Sao Paulo. This is the interesting game. Holland wins the group with a win or tie, Chile wins the group with a win. Winner of the group most likely plays the winner of Croatia-Mexico next round while the loser plays Brazil. I don't care how highly you rate Croatia or Mexico, you DO NOT want to play Brazil. Both of these teams know this and so we should see a competitive match.

2) The Second games of each day involve Group A and start at 1pm pacific, 2pm mountain, 3pm central (Mexico City) 9pm in Cameroon and England, 10pm in western Europe including Croatia.

A) Brazil - Cameroon in Brazilia. Main interest in this game is making sure that Brazil beats a very Domitable Lions team. If they tie or lose then that opens the door for the winner of the other match to win the group. Really doubtful that will happen.

B) Croatia - Mexico in Recife. Game of the day. Mexico just needs a tie, Croatia needs the win to advance. Both teams have looked good.


Con game player of the day is aldietrich!!!!!!!

With USA and Portugal tying, not many points were on hand. aldietrich wins the honors on the day with 43 points between the two games as almost everyone had Belgium rated highly but only a couple had Algeria rated. In an alternate universe BwB had Algeria high (25) and Belgium low (7).

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is STILL Retancourt!!!!!!!

Retancourt continues her unseemly dance with Sepp, this time being exactly even with that dirty old man.

Updated rankings. Bought with Blood still leads with 544 but several players are within striking distance. Check out the scores since yesterday. This Competition is far from over and with four games every day through Thursday, this sucker is about to get even more volatile than a Swedish carving knife.

  • 1. Bought with Blood 544
  • 2. aldietrich 531
  • 3. ursula 528
  • 4. Wastrel 526
  • 5. (tied) mpw5 523
  • 5. (tied) Gizzardfanny 523
  • 7. Celticpride 519
  • 8. Strides85 517
  • 9. the r00kie16 516
  • 10 (tied). Ben Corson 515
  • 10. (tied) tgsgirl 515
  • 12. Yarb 513
  • 13. Larrick23 511
  • 14. sebastiandeluded 506
  • 15. (tied) Retancourt 502
  • (tied) Sepp BLATTER 502
  • 16. broerie 501
  • 17. Holmvoka 499
  • 18. broerie 473
  • 19. (tied) Pigilito 494
  • 19. (tied) johnnysteeler 494
  • 21 Chris Fontecchio 490
  • 21. Jens 480
  • 22. (tied) MrSneaky 479
  • 22. (tied) pablo777 479
  • 24. Mathieug 477
  • 25. Pintahead 478
  • 26. conork17 468
  • 27. Alans1472 458
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 448

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