Tuesday World Cup & Introducing MR. ELO and Con Game BONANZA!

First, Tuesday's games: Forza Italia!

Two sets of two games each day until Thursday. Today, Monday we see Groups A and B:

1) First games are Group D, both games start at 9am pacific, 10am mountain (and Costa Rican), 5pm in England, and 6pm in most of western Europe.

A) Costa Rica - England in Belo Horizonte. Cinderella is on to the knockout stages while England is heading home after this match. Expect (hopefully) some experimentation with new players in this match. Costa Rica does have something to play for: 1st place in the group and with it a game against Greece, Ivory Coast, or japan rather than Colombia. A win or a tie for the Ticos does the trick. Even a loss may not matter as they have a +3 goal differential over Italy and +4 over Uruguay.

B) Italy - Uruguay in Natal. Italy just needs to tie or win to advance, Uruguay needs to win. Most likely (see just above) they will get second place and a game vs Colombia. Also this game is in Natal and while Manaus has become notorious for heat and humidity all of the northern cities have been tough weather-wise. At least for Italy the location is relatively far away from Uruguay. This has all the makings of a classic game.

2) The Second games of each day involve Group C and start at 1pm pacific, 3pm central (and Colombia), 3pm central (Mexico City) 9pm in Cameroon and England, 10pm in western Europe, and 11pm in Greece.

A) Greece - Ivory Coast in Fortaleza. After Colombia, Ivory Coast has the edge to advance. Beat Greece and they are in like flint. A tie works too if Colombia beats or ties Japan. The can still advance by losing and Japan beating Colombia and then tiebreakers come into effect...and that ain't gonna happen. They could still win the group if they win and Colombia loses and they make up a big goal differential deficit. Greece can still advance too if they win and Japan beats Colombia or if Greece and Japan both win and Greece makes up a goal differential of -3 on Japan. Nah.

B) Japan - Colombia in Cuiaba. Colombia is most likely to win the group and Japan is very unlikely to advance but there is still a possibility of they actually played some semblance of attacking soccer in this tournament. Rhiiiiiiiiight.


Con game player of the day is two players: Gizzardfanny and Pintahead!!!!!!!!!

We had a freakin' points bonanza yesterday with Brazil, Spain, Mexico, and Netherlands winning and several players cored over 100 points. Gizzard and Pinta tied with 111 points each. Other players in the over 100 club: MrSneaky (107), Retancourt, Holmvoka & tgsgirl (105), Chris Fontechio & the r00kie16 (104), Celticpride (102), Mathieug, conork17 & pablo777 (101), and Jens (100). Take a bow everyone and especially Gizzard and Pinta.

Note that today's games won't yield nearly as many points so don't get all entitled or anything.

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is Chris Fontecchio!!!!!!!

Our Fearless Leader is just two points short of The Septic Line, which is an improvement for him. Hopefully he does what Retancourt did yesterday hand kicks Sepp in the nuts and he passes him by.

Introducing Mr. ELO

Nobody likes Septic Bladder or his rankings and among them are computer geeks. The ELO people (not to be confused with Jeff Lynne's outfit) has their own rankings of national soccer teams and most people think they are much better than Septic's. (Note that ELO's website is poor with games on top and the rankings you have to scroll down for.) Looks closely at ELO's rankings and you see some key differences between yours and Sepp's. Spain and England are lower, Holland and Costa Rica are higher, Portugal is lower, Bosnia and Switzerland are lower, Chile is higher and so is France.

So let's put them in our daily rankings and see how many of us experts are better than they are and if they are a better predictor than The Bladder's.

Updated rankings. As it turns out the ELO ranking kicks all of our guesses to the curb. That's what happens when you use math and computers and stuff. ELO is sitting on 664 points. In the human world, Bought with Blood still leads with 639 but his lead is down to a scant 5 points after the record haul of Gizzardfanny who is now at 634. Click on these green letters to see your score from yesterday and see how you moved up or down in the standings.

  • ELO 664
  • 1. Bought with Blood 639
  • 2. Gizzardfanny 634
  • 3. aldietrich 627
  • 4. Celticpride 621
  • 5. (tied) tgsgirl 620
  • 5. (tied) ther00kie16 620
  • 7. mpw5 618
  • 8. ursula 616
  • 9. Wastrel 610
  • 10. (tied) Ben Corson 609
  • 10. (tied) Larrick23 609
  • 12. (tied) Retancourt 607
  • 12. (tied) Yarb 607
  • 14. sebastiandeluded 605
  • 15. Holmvoka 604
  • 16. Strides85 601
  • 17. broerie 599
  • 18. Chris Fontecchio 594
  • 19. (tied) Pigilito 592
  • 19. (tied) johnnysteeler 592
  • 21. Pintahead 589
  • 22. MrSneaky 586
  • 23. (tied) pablo777 580
  • 23. (tied) Jens 580
  • 25. Mathieug 578
  • 26. conork17 569
  • 27. Alans1472 544
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 543
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