Combo Wednesday! LIVE Nat Championship Cycling + World Cup


We got ourselves here ONE BIG LIVE THREAD consisting of the National Championship bike races of the day followed by the World Cup games of the day. We are gonna do this while cycling is having it's national championship races and the World Cup is happening on the same day. If we manage to find any live video of cycling we'll put this on the front page. Otherwise, fanpost. Two parts-one thread. Got it? Excellent. So without further adeau, let's go to part un...Cycling.

National Championship cycling races

What's on tap today?

Switzerland and the Netherlands start us off with their TT competitions. Oh- and Halle-Ingoolgem (cat 6 VDS race) is happening today. Jens will be around to make predictions and find any video links.


Now World Cup Soccer

Wednesday we see Groups E and F:

1) First games are Group F and no, I have no idea why F is earlier than E. Both games start at 9am pacific, 1pm Argentina time, 5pm in England, and 6pm in most of western Europe and Nigeria, and 8:30pm in Iran.

A) Nigeria - Argentina in Porto Alegre. It takes a little over 17 hours to drive from Buenos Aires to Porto Alegre. Argentina is in to the next round but needs to win or tie Nogeria to be assured first place in the group. Nigeria has the inside track for second place as even if they lose they need Iran to win and make up a -2 goal differential. Could happen. But won't. Will Argentina show some flair this game?

B) Bosnia - Iran in Salvador. Bosnia is eliminated but favored. Iran has a slight chance to make the second round if Nigeria loses and Iran makes up a -1 goal differential while winning this game.

2) The Second games of each day involve Group E and start at 1pm pacific, 3pm central (and Colombia), 3pm central (Mexico City) 9pm in Cameroon and England, 10pm in western Europe, and 11pm in Greece.

A) Honduras - Switzerland in Manaus. This could be tricky. You would think Switzerland would have the inside track to make the second round against lowly Honduras BUT this is in Manaus where Honduras should have an advantage. Yank fans can recall the first game of the Hex two Februarys ago where the USA traveled to San Pedro Sula and lost 2-1 in a midday game involving 90F+/32C+ heat with humidity. The US just wilted against the acclimated Hondurans, losing 2-1. Expect the heat and humidity to affect Switzerland the most then, especially in the second half. To advance from the group the Swiss need to have a better result than Ecuador, win, lose or tie, because they have a -2 goal differential and Ecuador's is 0.

B) Ecuador - France in Rio. France wants to keep rolling along while Ecuador needs to have the same result that Switzerland gets or better. Normally this would favor the Swiss but, well read above. This should be the most fun game of the day.


Con game player of the day is two players: the r00kie16!!!!!!!!!

Tougher day yesterday with the r00kie16 winning the day's honors with 71 points, moving him into a strong 3rd place and a real chance to take over the lead.

Note that today's games won't yield nearly as many points so don't get all entitled or anything.

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is Yarb!!!!!!!

Septic had a very good day yesterday, out gaining all of us, including ELO, so he is about even with Yarb who's in 11th place. You know what to do Yarb! Aim for his balls!

Where's Mr. ELO?

Elo didn't have such a good day yesterday allowing the rabble that we are to creep closer. Can we catch her?

Updated rankings. WOW. BwB's lead is now just one measly point over Gizzardfanny who was the second best point earner on the day with 70 points. It took a strong BwB performance (66 points) to hold Gizzard off. Click on these blue letters to see yesterday's scores and see where you've moved.

  • ELO 724
  • 1. Bought with Blood 705
  • 2. Gizzardfanny 704
  • 3. ther00kie16 691
  • 4. Celticpride 683
  • 5. ursula 680
  • 6. (tied) tgsgirl 678
  • 6. (tied) mpw5 678
  • 8. (tied) aldietrich 671
  • 8. (tied) Holmvoka 671
  • 8. (tied) sebastiandeluded 671
  • 11. Yarb 666
  • 12. Ben Corson 665
  • 13. Larrick23 661
  • 14. Wastrel 660
  • 15. broerie 658
  • 16. Strides85 657
  • 17. johnnysteeler 649
  • 18. Chris Fontecchio 648
  • 19. (tied) Retancourt 643
  • 19. (tied) Pigilito 643
  • 21. Pintahead 641
  • 22. Mathieug 634
  • 23. pablo777 631
  • 24. MrSneaky 630
  • 25.Jens 618
  • 26. conork17 614
  • 27. Alans1472 590
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 577
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