Thursday Nat Champ Cycling + Last Day of World Cup Group Stages ALL LIVE

National Championship ITT races

What's on tap today?

Kinda hard to find all the races today but definitely I'm seeing ITT's in France, Norway, England, Denmark, and Canada.

Hey Jens! Tell us who's gonna win!


Soccer- last day of the group stages

Thursday we see Groups G and H:

1) First games are Group G. Both games start at 9am pacific, 1pm Argentina time, 4pm in Ghana, 5pm in Portugal, and England, and 6pm in most of western Europe.

A) USA - Germany in Recife. Media is bending all over themselves in saying that the teams will play hard and for the win. I mean they are contorting themselves. Germany has an extra days rest which could prove decisive. For the USA: every team that has played in Manaus has lost it's next game. The winner of this game wins the group. If they tie then Germany wins the group and USA finishes second. If Germany wins then the US still has a +2 goal differential on Ghana, and +4 on Portugal if one of them win their group. If Ghana and Portugal time then the US and Germany advance. Note: Germany has not clinched a spot in the final 16 yet.

B) Portugal - Ghana in Brazilia. Portugal is making noises of already being on the plane home. And then what I said above: every team that has played in Manaus has lost it's next game. Ghana needs to make up a -2 goal differential (and win of course) on the US to qualify

2) The Second games of each day involve Group H and start at 5am in South Korea, 1pm pacific, 9pm in Algeria and England, 10pm in western Europe, and 1am pm in Russia.

A) Algeria - Russia in Curitba. Can or will Algeria show THAT offense again? Probably they will be more restrained as they stand a good chance at qualifying for the next round. Win and they are in. Tie and only South Korea beating Belgium and making up a -3 goal differential could keep them out. Lose and they are out. So expect them to play a close game unless they fall behind. Algeria could still win the group if South Korea beats Belgium. Not likely...

Russia needs to win and have Belgium win or tie South Korea. If both Russia and South Korea win then it gets dicey as Russia has just a 1 goal differential lead over South Korea.

B) South Korea - Belgium in Sao Paulo. Belgium just needs a win or tie to win the group. They have already qualified for the next round. South Korea needs loads of help to advance starting with them beating Belgium.


Con game player of the day is two players: Alans1472!!!!!!!!!

Hot damn! All competition Alans has been circling the drain in last or next to last place, way behind almost everybody. Yesterday (Wednesday) though he pulls an 82 pointer out of his ass to climb into a tie for next to last but more importantly way ahead of our Lantern Rouge. The race for last isn't over yet but we now have a clear favorite.

Note that today's games won't yield nearly as many points so don't get all entitled or anything.

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is Celticpride!!!!!!!

Septic had a another very good day yesterday so he is exactly level with Celticpride in 9th place. Your turn Celticpride to show show the world that Sepp Blatter is a toxic waste dump! Aim for his balls!

Where's Mr. ELO?

Meh. Still way in front.

The race for the Lantern Rouge

Until toady this has been a hard fought affair, but with Alans1472's points haul Davie Porter-Zoo is 50 points behind Alans and Jens (a dark horse contender here). Given that Davie is currently riding in the Alps I suggest absolutely no sympathy for his place here.

Updated rankings. WOW squared!!! We got a new leader!!! Neither BwB or Gizzardfanny had great days yesterday but Gizzard has clawed her way to the mountaintop as Bough With Blood continued to bleed points. Take a bow GF. Notice though that the rabble that is behind you is really close. Five teams within 10 points of the lead-this ain't over by a mile.

One thing to realize: after today on eight teams will win a game going forward. Besides the 16 teams going home after the group stages, 8 of the teams in the round of 16 will also not win another game. Of those eight lucky round of 16 winners, four will not win again. One of those will win twice more (or four more times total), one team will win three times more (the finals loser) and two will win two more times (the semis losers). If you want to win this competition you better hope that you have your teams ranked high.

ELO 774

  • 1. Gizzardfanny 762
  • 2. Bought with Blood 760
  • 3. ther00kie16 757
  • 4. (tied) mpw5 752
  • 4. (tied) ursula 752
  • 6. tgsgirl 743
  • 7. Wastrel 740
  • 8. Ben Corson 738
  • 9. Celticpride 736
  • 10. sebastiandeluded 731
  • 11. (tied) Chris Fontecchio 727
  • 11. (tied) aldietrich 727
  • 13. Yarb 726
  • 14. Larrick23 725
  • 15. (tied) broerie 723
  • 15. (tied) Holmvoka 723
  • 17. johnnysteeler 720
  • 18. Strides85 713
  • 19. Pintahead 708
  • 20. Pigilito 707
  • 21. Retancourt 706
  • 22. MrSneaky 695
  • 23. Mathieug 691
  • 24. pablo777 688
  • 25. conork17 679
  • 26. (tied) Jens 672
  • 27. (tied) Alans1472 672
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 621
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