LIVE THREAD: Saturday Nat Champs Cycling Road Races + World Cup Round of 16

National Championship RR races

What's on tap Saturday?

The mens road race in Italy, and the womens road race in France are both being broadcast though probably geo-restricted. No doubt there are other road races out there too but it's so damn hard to find them....

Hey Jens! Tell us who's gonna win!


Soccer- round of 16 begins!

Next four days give us two games. The two winners today will face off on Friday, July 4th.

1) First game today is Brazil - Chile in Belo Horizonte. It starts at 9am pacific, noon Chile and Eastern time, 1pm Brazil time, 5pm in England, and 6pm in most of western Europe.

This might be the best, most spectacular game of all. Both teams are strong on offense and...questionable on defense. Chile in particular though will press Brazil very high in hopes of quick turnovers. The stadium will have many Chile supporters as well. Just a wide open match on hand.

2) The second game of the day is Colombia - Uruguay in Rio and start at 1pm pacific, 3pm in Colombia, 5pm in Uruguay, 9pm in England, and 10pm in western Europe.

Colombia with 9 goals is led by a great attack of James Rodriguez and Jackson Martinez. Uruguay is not led by the great attack of Luis Suarez. Oopsie! Even with Suarez I'd slightly favor Colombia, though only slightly; without him, hmm, maybe they can summon up the strength to fight on with the likes of Diego Forlan. Doubt it but for one game you never know.


Con game player of the day is two players: Celticpride and johnnysteeler!!!!!!!!!

Overall the last day of group play gave roughly the same number of points for most players-65-83. The two above topped the list. Nice job and you move up the standings for it. A couple players though had the likes of Portugal and/or Belgium low and paid for it resulting in, well, hold on a bit...

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is FOUR PLAYERS: Celticpride is here for the second day in a row and is joined by tgsgirl, Wastrel and me!!!!!!! Oh the shame!!!!

Okay folks we need to flush Sepp down the toilet today. This cannot stand.

Where's Mr. ELO?

Meh. Still way in front. 855 points

The race for the Lantern Rouge

Davie Porter-Zoo increased his lead from 50 to 64 points behind Alans1472 The Alp rider looks lie he might have this competition sewn up.

Updated rankings. Here are Thursday's rankings. We got another new leader!!! Neither BwB or Gizzardfanny had great days yesterday and this time their meh days bit them. BwB had Portugal at and Belgium at 7 and feel down the standings to tied for 14th place while Gizzard had Portugal at 14 and merely slipped down to 3rd. ALL BOW DOWN TO OUR NEWEST FEARLESS LEADER ther00kie16!!!!! He and/or she has been slowly climbing the standings all last week and today hits paydirt.

Enjoy it while it lasts bub! mpw5 is just 8 points back and if you've been paying ANY attention to the VDS standings you know that mpw5 has been either 1st or 2nd almost all season. (As a digression, other VDS scores of our players here: johnnysteeler is in 5th, BoughwithBlood 10th, Yarb 14th, Strides85 15th, ther00kie16 31st, mathieug 42nd, gizzardfanny 79th, sebastiandeluded 85th, broerie 113rd, ursula 120th, Jens waaaay down at 151st, pablo777 at 171st, Chris Fintecchio at 177th, and the rest of us scattered further. Our lantern rouge in VDS is MrSneaky at 760th. So it's not like we are complete idiots playing this game. I think.)

Anyways ther00kie16 has mpw5 and gizzardfanny hot on their tail and just 19 points back (a mere pittance) you got a four-way hornets nest of a tie consisting of Celticpride, wastrel, tgsgirl and yours truly.

It will be interesting to see how the standings shift going forward. You just got two games a day except for the last two game days, but if you got the wrong teams advancing you could lose big. Or gain big but that's looking positively at this competition and no way in hell are we gonna do that!

  • ELO 855
  • 1. ther00kie16 838
  • 2. mpw5 830
  • 3. Gizzardfanny 828
  • 4. (tied) ursula 819
  • 4. (tied) Wastrel 819
  • 4. (tied) Celticpride 819
  • 4. (tied) tgsgirl 819
  • 8. Ben Corson 811
  • 9. sebastiandeluded 810
  • 10. Larrick23 807
  • 11. (tied) johnnysteeler 803
  • 11. (tied) Yarb 803
  • 13. Holmvoka 800
  • 14. (tied) broerie 799
  • 14. (tied) Bought with Blood 799
  • 16. Chris Fontecchio 798
  • 17. (tied) Retancourt 786
  • 17. (tied) aldietrich 786
  • 19. (tied) Pigilito 784
  • 19. (tied) Pintahead 784
  • 21. Strides85 775
  • 22. Mathieug 774
  • 23. pablo777 768
  • 24. MrSneaky 767
  • 25. conork17 758
  • 26. Jens 752
  • 27. Alans1472 749
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 685

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