World Cup LIVE Tuesday: Round of 16 Concludes

World Cup Soccer- round of 16 concludes!

Just two more matches to fill the quarterfinal field. After Monday's surprisingly close matches all bets are off.

The two winners today will face off on Saturday, July 5th.

1) First game today is Argentina - Switzerland in Sao Paulo. It starts at 9am pacific, 1pm in Argentina, 5pm in England, and 6pm in Switzerland and most of western Europe.

Messi: how to contain? Not sure it can be done. I mean on the surface it looks like an Argentina win by a couple of goals but this World Cup doesn't go that way.

2) The second game of the day is Belgium - United States in Salvador and will start at 1pm pacific, 9pm in England, and 10pm in western Europe including Belgium.

After a day and a half of cooler World Cup venues we go back to the hot and humid north. Both teams are playing coy with their substantial injury concerns. By all rights this should be another low scoring affair-which means oh 8-8 before we get to the shootout.


Con game players of the day: we got a tie between mpw5 and broerie!!!!!!!!!

58 points. Almost everyone scored in the 50's as just a couple people had France out of 20th place or higher and almost everyone had Germany 26 or higher.

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is the Holm boy! Come on Holmvoka! Kick Septic in the balls for Cav!!!

Where's Mr. ELO?

1,014 points. Only score over 1000.

The race for the Lantern Rouge

Davie Porter-Zoo. Guy's a machine.

Updated rankings. Here are Sunday's rankings. Same leader!!! 2 & 3 switch!! Again!!!

Same old same old.

  • ELO 1,014
  • 1. ther00kie16 972
  • 2. mpw5 968
  • 3. Gizzardfanny 957
  • 4. Celticpride 956
  • 5. ursula 954
  • 6. Bought with Blood 950
  • 7. tgsgirl 949
  • 8. Holmvoka 948
  • 9. Wastrel 946
  • 10. sebastiandeluded 945
  • 11. (tied) Chris Fontecchio 944
  • 11. (tied) broerie 944
  • 13. Larrick23 943
  • 14. Ben Corson 942
  • 15. Yarb 938
  • 16. aldietrich 929
  • 17 Pigilito 927
  • 18. Pintahead 926
  • 19. (tied) johnnysteeler 922
  • 19. (tied) Retancourt 922
  • 21. Strides85 906
  • 22. Jens 898
  • 23. pablo777 897
  • 24. Mathieug 892
  • 25. MrSneaky 883
  • 26. conork17 882
  • 27. Alans1472 871
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 815
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