Saturday LIVE World Cup Set of Quarterfinals and we have a possible Con game winner

World Cup Soccer- Quarterfinal round ends

The two winners today will face off on Wednesday, July 9th.

1) First game today is Argentina - Belgium in Brazilia. It starts at 9am pacific, 1pm in Argentina, 5pm in England, and 6pm in Belgium and western Europe.

Argentina hasn't looked great but a) they also haven't been really pushed like say Brazil has been, b) the stands will be dominated by Argentina fans, and c) they got Messi. Belgium looks young and dangerous. But can they withstand the nerves that it France yesterday? Should be a close one.

2) The second game of the day is Netherlands - Costa Rica in Salvador and will start at 1pm pacific, 2pm in Costa Rica, 9pm in England, and 10pm in Holland and western Europe.

Cinderella looks overmatched here. Of course there isn't a game so far except maybe Greece that they weren't supposed to lose.


Con game players of the day: we got a THEEE WAY tie between broerie, Holmvoka and Jens!!!!!!!!!

63 points. The most you can get with two teams.

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is three players Chris Fontecchio, sebastiandeluded and Ben Corson!

I must be mistaken. I thought Septic was someone you don;t want to be associated with. I guess graft talks.

Where's Mr. ELO?

1,129 points. He also got max points.

The race for the Lantern Rouge

Davie Porter-Zoo. Hey! He's over 900! In other developments, MrSneaky dropped into a tie for next to last. Excellent!

Updated rankings. Here are Friday's rankings. Same leader!!!

At this point we are about to hit the end game. After today's matches only four teams will be left and since we count the 3rd place match, four games. One team will win it all and thus win two games. Two teams will win one, and one team won't win anymore. We know two of those teams: Brazil and Germany. Today's games will give us the other two.

Let's do a little exercise and see how many Con game players are already eliminated. To make it easier let's say the two favorites for today, Argentina and Holland win. Doing math, the least number of points that our leader, ther00kie16, can have after all the games are players is....1248. If you sub in Belgium for Argentina the total is 1246. (the r00kie has Argentina at 30 and Belgium at 29-not much of a difference.) Again that's the least they can score.

ther00kie16 is slightly vulnerable to be overtaken at the line because they have Holland at only 23. To tie them, second place mpw5 needs to find 6 extra points somewhere. Not sure if this is doable because mpw5 has Holland at only 15. The most points mpw5 can win I l believe is 1258 but with that scenario, the r00kie gets 1264-still a 6 point lead. It's that pesky bad ranking for Holland that keeps doing in mpw5. Hmm. I;ve had a couple of sangrias by now and they are telling me that there's no scenario that mpw5 can now overtake ther00kie16. mpw5? Is this right?

And it gets worse for any other team because of ther00kie16's rankings. They have Brazil at 31 but have Spain at 31. The Spain ranking leaves an opening but then they have Argentina at 30, Belgium at 29 and Germany at 28 leaving them with three of the final four possible teams in their top five. Only Holland is ranked lower and at 23 that's not that much lower. To sum up any player hoping to overtake ther00kie16 needs to have Holland ranked way high and hope they win the whole thing plus have their two teams that win one of the final four games ranked 31 and 30. Is there such a team?

Current third place Celticpride has Brazil at 32, Belgium at 31 and Germany at 30 plus Holland at 24. Celticpride also needs to make up 14 points. And with that deficit I see them at best falling 5 points short.

So unless someone can find a scenario I haven't found it looks like ther00kie16 is our winner and with it the prize of getting to have a rider to be two points less on next year's VDS than what I will otherwise set them at. And yes Jens, I will honor that prize.

  • ELO 1,066
  • 1. ther00kie16 1091
  • 2. mpw5 1085
  • 3. Celticpride 1077
  • 4. Gizzardfanny 1072
  • 5. tgsgirl 1071
  • 6. ursula 1068
  • 7. Wastrel 1062
  • 8. Larrick23 1061
  • 9. (tied) broerie 1060
  • 9. (tied) Holmvoka 1060
  • 11. (tied) Ben Corson 1059
  • 11. (tied) Chris Fontecchio 1059
  • 11. (tied) sebastiandeluded 1059
  • 14. Yarb 1053
  • 15. Bought with Blood 1049
  • 16. Pigilito 1048
  • 17. aldietrich 1044
  • 18.Retancourt 1040
  • 19. Pintahead 1039
  • 20. johnnysteeler 1034
  • 21. Strides85 1027
  • 22. pablo777 1013
  • 23. Mathieug 1008
  • 24. Jens 1004
  • 25. conork17 998
  • 26. (tied) MrSneaky 986
  • 27. (tied) Alans1472 986
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 912

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