World Cup Semifinals LIVE Thread: Tuesday + Wednesday games



1) First game is BRAZIL - GERMANY in Belo Horizonte. It starts TUESDAY at 1pm pacific, 5pm in Belo Horizonte, 9pm in England, and 10pm in Germany and western Europe.

With Neymar's injury, clearly we have moved outside the realm of normal life and into the area of numinous events. Mere science ain't gonna hack it from here on. Your garden variety nihlism doesn't stand a chance. Such is World Cup existence as we now know it and with such Germany is having to deal with. I have no idea how this will play out other than probably physical and cathartic. Oh and surreal.

2) Second game is NETHERLANDS - ARGENTINA in Sao Paulo and will start at 1pm pacific, 5pm in Buenos Aires, 9pm in England, and 10pm in Holland and western Europe.

Hard to pick a winner here and given the circumstances of game one above, I cannot begin to fathom what is Planned for this game. . Holland seems to be losing it's offense as the tournament has gone on. Argentina seems to be possibly finding theirs, sort of. But Di Maria is out. Finding a goal here will be pretty difficult. Messi? Robben? I'd go with the former IF this was normal reality. But we've long past that marker, Jim.


Con game player of the day: MrSneaky!!!!!!!!!

62 points. It's boom or bust with the Sneakster.

Con Game Sepp Blatter player of the day is YARB!!!!!!!!!

Yarb and Septic sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love then comes marriage then comes Yarb pushing a baby carriage.

Where's Mr. ELO?

1,188 points. Guy knows his soccer.

The race for the Lantern Rouge

Davie Porter-Zoo. Hey! Only one below 1000.

Updated rankings. Here are last Saturday's rankings. Same leader!!!

In other news, broerie and Chris are both making a very late surge up the standings.

  • ELO 1,188
  • 1. ther00kie16 1144
  • 2. mpw5 1135
  • 3. Celticpride 1129
  • 4. Gizzardfanny 1128
  • 5. tgsgirl 1125
  • 6. (tied) Chris Fontecchio 1116
  • 6. (tied) broerie 1116
  • 8. (tied) ursula 1114
  • 8. (tied) Holmvoka 1114
  • 8. (tied) sebastiandeluded 1114
  • 11. (tied) Wastrel 1112
  • 11. (tied) Ben Corson 1112
  • 13. Larrick23 1109
  • 14. Bought with Blood 1108
  • 15. Yarb 1104
  • 16. aldietrich 1103
  • 17. Pigilito 1102
  • 18. (tied) Retancourt 1100
  • 18. (tied) Pintahead 1100
  • 20. johnnysteeler 1083
  • 21. Strides85 1075
  • 22. pablo777 1069
  • 23. Mathieug 1057
  • 24. Jens 1055
  • 25. conork17 1053
  • 26. (tied) MrSneaky 1048
  • 27. (tied) Alans1472 1033
  • 28. Davie Porter-Zoo 967
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