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A Maverick in France

Maverick was my Mum's favourite T.V show, She absolutely adored James Garner and it was with sadness that I noted his passing earlier this week. Wiki defines the word as 'an unbranded range animal'...

TdF Rest Day: Open thread


Lazy day for us, a busy day for managers, agent and riders at the Tour. Expect the news and rumors to trickle out today about transfers and assorted stuff. First news of the day is a happy...

Belgium knows how to put on a bike race


While most of us have our eyes fixed firmly on Italy, Belgium once again proves why they win cycling.

It's Giro d'Italia time!


Benvenuti a Podiumcafe! We're just days away from the Giro and it's time to drop everything else and start paying attention. Are your thoughts lingering on how Boonen managed to lose Roubaix? Stop...

So you want to build an FSA DS Classics juggernaut


Of course as any sound Podiumcafe reader your highest wish in life is to build an FSA DS team that steamrolls the spring classics and lands you squarely in the lead after April. What happens...

And the kits just keep on coming.....


More kit-reveals today plus a HUGE SECRET REVEALED......... Argos-Shimano will from now on be known as Giant -Shimano. Who saw that coming?!

Men's Race Day of the Year: Nominations!


My favorite discussion of the year even though I seem to have forgotten more races than I remember come November. Or maybe that's why I like it? Getting reminded of the nuggets of racing during the...

Podiumcafe Female Rider of the Year: Nominations!


While the male rider of the year is usually a hotly debated topic, especially with the difficulties in comparing riders with different specialties, the women's category has become a question of...

Podium Café Secret Santa 2013 - want to play?

Want to send a little present to another Café member, and receive one from somewhere in the world? Sign up here!

Giro d'Italia Team Presentation


The Giro Team Presentation always offers ample opportunities for snark and awkward fashion and interview moments. This year's burning question : Did Paul Smith come up with a special design for...


Cycle the Alps Traffic-Free: Here’s How

Many of the most famous climbs in the alps have days where they are closed to motor traffic, reserved just for us cyclists. Nice.

Wij zijn er klaar voor!


"We are ready" We're at the eve of the Tour of Flanders and we're all ready for it . But what are we ready for, what are our hopes and expectations of the race?

"I dream of Jensie... and the peloton in general"


This has been around for a while, but I love it - an archive of dreams about pro cyclists, or dreams cyclists have tweeted. I don't know why I thought of majope and Albertina, but check out the dream archive, or submit your own!

Welcome to Flanders!


Let winter finally retreat to Siberia whence it came. Let us have spring and spring classics. From here on we have three weeks of beautiful cobbled racing. The best time of the year with wind,...

The best team launch EVER!!!

The Matrix Fitness Racing Academy team launch - merino wool, London Zoo, Belgian beer and good times with a British women's cycling team

Women's Racing: Omloop & Costa Rica videos & more!


We may not get live coverage of much women's racing, but here are some post-race videos and a whole load of links that will tell you all about the racing

Women's cycling videos - team presentation edition

It's that time of year again - team presentations! Here's a collection of the videos from the 2013 women's peloton - with some non-related videos of Marianne Vos & CX riders, because hell, why not?

New Women's cycling teams kits, sites & more!

It's that time of year again! New kits, photos, sites and stuff


A Professional Road Cycling Calendar 2013

All photos by Ashley or Jered Gruber. Used with Permission. A few weeks ago, when discussing my 2013 Alps calendar, I hinted in the comments the possibility of a far more professional...


Podium Café Secret Santa 2 - fancy a surprise gift from a stranger?

Last year our lovely tgsgirl organised a Secret Santa for us - and this year she passed the mantle to me.... Do you want to play? This is how it works - everyone who enters will be given another...

Voting time 2012: Best Team


Cast your vote for best team of 2012

Team of the Year: Nominate your favorite


Help decide the best team of the year.

Nominate: Woman Rider of the Year


The winner might be a given but we need some deserving riders on our shortlist.

PdC Awards: Surprise of the Year


Gilbert won Worlds, J-Rod won Fleche, Vos won everything, Cav left Sky and the Giro was way better than the Tour de France. None of these things were surprising but what was? What were the greatest...

Nominate: Race day of the year


We continue our look back at the season with looking at the best day of racing. Nominate your favorite or favorites in the comments below.

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