VDS 2014! What to do with the Cat 6 races?


Too many SSR's or too few?

Support Your Cafe Once More!


Support Your Cafe Once More! It's our annual spring fund drive...



Just a quick note to all you lovely people: You are not imagining things. The fanpost column has temporarily disappeared from the page. The support people are working on a thing. It will return...

A Wee Housekeeping Post...


Just a couple items on which I don't like to leave you hanging... Kits/Prizes: Everyone who bought a kit should have either received it or have been in contact with me about whatever is going on....

Housekeeping: Fresh Meat! And Manna From Heaven, or Seattle


Just a couple quick notes... on the kit shipping, everything that went through a standard order (via Google checkout) has gone out. If you ordered this way and haven't gotten an email notification,...

PdC Kit Shipping Update!


PdC Kit Shipping Update! -- [Hint: it's coming!]

The 2011 PdC Kit Order: Closes Wednesday Morning (EDT)


Sept 13: We're gonna make jerseys for sure, and bibs are just about there.  Arm warmers lag, but here's hoping - see above for photo of arm warmers with jersey.   The order window will close...

Virus Issue: What It Is, How You Can Help


Two days ago I passed on an alert regarding virus warnings people have been receiving from the front page of the Podium Cafe and other SBN sites. In sum, the warning is fake and the directions in...

What We Learned: Jan 31- Feb 6


What We Learned: Jan 31- Feb 6

Checking out colors


We're working on colors, and Gav wants to see what a blockquote looks like. So, here's a blockquote full of useless information. Kind of like the UCI and those rules they like to make up whenever...



From the left sidebar. Not updated. Accuracy not guaranteed. Twitter Resources CQ List of Cyclists on TwitterZoe's Pro Cycling Twitter List Race Resources Cycling QuotientSteephill.tvCyclingFansC...

Fanpost v. Fanshot


Howdy there! There seems to be some confusion about the difference between fanposts and fanshots. Well, at least, some people have been asking me that particular question. I really don't know...



Hey there happy Cafe people! I just wanted to put up a quick shout out to see if anyone would like to help with some post-stage Vuelta stories. Maybe you've been sitting there thinking,...

Podium Cafe Kits, Round II!


Podium Cafe Kits, Round II!

Ted King Chat Tomorrow!


Reminder, Ted King will come to the site tomorrow for a live chat. Be there!

Happy VDS Roll-Out Day!


Happy VDS Roll-Out Day!

Light Housekeeping: Next Steps, and One Last Word On Interviews


Light Housekeeping: Next Steps, and One Last Word On Interviews

New Toy, New Year


Heeelllloooo! I hope everyone had a fab holiday. And here we are, it's a whole new year. Already, it feels so totally different from the old year. I want to tell you about a new toy here at the...

New Year's Resolution


New Year's Resolution: No More Coverage of "Lance said X about Alberto"

Christmas Comes Early to the Cafe


Christmas Comes Early to the Cafe

Help Build Our Community Photo Library!


Help Build Our Community Photo Library!

Brief Contest Notes


* For calculating final VDS points, I am disqualifying Danilo DiLuca starting on May 19, when he won the stage in Pinerolo. He tested positive the next day, and again a week later. HOWEVER! He won...



Sorry bout that little bit of picture breakup. Giro del Piemonte tomorrow. Preview and whatnot shortly. It's gonna be op de hoek!! [Dutch readers, please don't correct me on my translation...]



Hey y'all... I am entering the last 28 hours or so of a month of non-stop travel and assorted madness, with the resumption of quiet blogging the expected outcome. My priorities upon returning, in...

Housekeeping: The Laundry List!


Where to start... I am headed out on a much-needed vacation tomorrow. We will be in various parts of British Columbia for a week. I am skeptical that they have the internet in B.C., but Canada...

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