Rider Diaries

Stories from riders from around the world.

'Dare il benvenuto a Italia’


'Dare il benvenuto a Italia’ - Let the 2012 season begin :)

The Adventures of a Small Fish in a Big Pond: Making the Break


The Adventures of a Small Fish in a Big Pond: stories from the collegiate racing scene.

The Adventures of a Small Fish in a Very Big Pond


Too often we see the front end of the races and hear the interviews with the protagonists. But what's it like at the back just trying to survive? Not so bad, at times.

A Look Back at 2011 and Towards my 2012 Season - by Jetse Bol


When I was 18 years old and I got an offer to sign a contract with the Continental Squad of Rabobank I knew exciting thing were coming, what I didn’t know was how good was it going to be! I had...

The Rhythm of a Nation


After seeing the courses announced for the 2012 Giro and Tour this week, it's got me thinking again on a topic I've become aware of after coming to the realization 2 weeks ago that I haven't...

Sometimes Its the Little Things That Mean the Most.


It seemed as though it was only yesterday I was driving back with the For Viored Brookvex girls from the Czech Republic when sure enough I was back on the road again – destination the Tour Feminin...

Stetina Blog: he is risen indeed! finally.


Oh yes Loopies, the pun is fully intended and with a double meaning! For I have finally posted a blog after a long hiatus, PLUS I have finally picked myself up off the cold damp basement floor...

Racing And A Little Too Much Information In Krasna Lipa


Over the past week I have been living the high life with my team in the Czech Republic...Not. I hope you've made yourself a cup of tea or at least a strong alcoholic beverage as this is going to...

The Big White Elephant in the Room - the Portrayal of Sportswomen in the Media


  "A report by the Australian Sports Commission showed women's sport receives only 1.2% of all air time devoted to sport; in newspapers the coverage was 4.5%." And when sportswomen DO receive media...

Stetina diary 3: Damage Control


To me that's all a TTT is. I see it this way: Every team starts out on the ramp as the winner, and the team to screw up least (aka limit the damage) wins. You see, at this level, the...

Vanderkitten-Focus releases limited edition Table Crayon Art Portfolio


Vanderkitten-Focus releases limited edition Crayon Art Portfolio

Team Training Camp in ITALIA!


It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog, but in my defense I’ve been very busy riding my bike! Haha yes… riding! I just came back from an intense training camp in Riccione, Italia with my...

Peter Stetina Diary #2


Peter Stetina of Garmin-Cervélo checks in from Circuit de la Sarthe and introduces his team-mate "Comrade."

Vanderkitten-Focus with Superpowers!


Vanderkitten checks into Podium Cafe with some news about their adventures.

Peter Stetina Diary #1


Hey there Loopys, I’ve acquiesced Gavia’s request to start blogging here at the Café. So get used to seeing my name pop up around here a little more often! I guess you guys like hearing the inside...

A Date With the Honda Dream Team


Rolling up to races in custom painted cars, decked out in stylish kit and riding shiny top of the range bicycles – you’d be forgiven if you thought the girls on the Honda Dream Team got treated...

This is just getting started!


Hello everyone! Maybe some of you remember me from that cool interview with Sara Connolly a few months ago but for those who didn’t read it this is a little introduction. My name is Nancy...

I needed help and someone gave me a ladder.


Slack, busy, lazy… whatever you want to call me, I’ll agree it has been a while since I updated this blog! Last time I wrote, I had just come off a very uneventful Bay Crits and Nationals and was...

Get to know Australian rider Lauren Kitchen - A star of the future.


Don't worry fellow Cafe readers - you aren't seeing things, this is indeed me -Miffy Galloway - attempting to venture into the world of journalism and do what Pigeons and Gavia do o so well......

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