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The Death Of Marco Pantani, by Matt Rendell


Title: The Death of Marco Pantani - A Biography Author: Matt Rendell Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicolson / Phoenix Pages: 324 Year: 2006 Order: Orion Books What it is: A story of the tragic life and...

What We Learned


A look back at last week's stories at the Podium Cafe.

A twitter rant worth following


Mike Friedman, formerly of Team Slipstream and now on Jelly Belly-Kenda, started tweeting doping and cycling yesterday, and hasn't stopped since. I think it's been quite an engaging read to hear from someone that has raced at the highest level and is frustrated about what's going on in cycling in general, and the recent events of his Garmin-Cervelo. Scroll down to 1/27 and read up to get the chronological sequence.


Tough On Doping, Tough On The Causes Of Doping: In The Beginning Was The UCI

Probably not the best time to be tossing this one out there, what with all the fuss about LA, but this has been sitting on my puter for a couple of weeks now, best to just get rid of it. Ten years...


Team Leopard's Doping Programme

Need some help here peeps, have a head cold and my brain feels all fogged up. Can someone explain how Team Leopard went from this: The Dane went on to add that his team would have their own...

We Might As Well Win, by Johan Bruyneel


Books are weird. An author thinks he's written a book about X. The espresso-slurping marketing droids hawking the book write a cover blurb that says it's about Y. And when the reader reads it she...


Xacobeo-Galicia: A test case for Spain's post-Puerto anti-doping laws or just window dressing?

The only thing surprising in the news that Xacobeo-Galicia are being investigated by Spanish judicial authorities is that Spanish judicial authorities are actually willing to get their hands dirty...

Cycling Is My Life, by Tommy Simpson


Forty-five years ago, a Briton won the World Championship road race. He'd already made a name for himself in the Tour de France and was a winner of the Milan-San Remo Classic and other races....

Freddy Maertens - Take Two


Just before the Vuelta a España, I took a look at Freddy Maertens' autobiography, Fall From Grace. Given Maertens' record-breaking haul of thirteen stages in the 1977 Vuelta, it seemed like a good...

Interview: Graeme Fife


Known to cycling fans for books like Tour De France: The History, The Legend, The Riders and Inside The Peloton Graeme Fife has also had plays, stories and features broadcast on BBC radio. We...

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