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Tuesday miscellany: road, track & MTB news & video


A collection of things to read and things to watch - roller tricks, videos from the Junior Track World Champs and MTB World Cup, and a collection of news and blogs from the world of women's cycling


Track, MTB & women's cycling-video, news & live tv

A collection of videos & news from the world of track, MTB & women's cycling - lots to watch & live races to come. The news does include some positive dope tests, but the rest of the post is...

Nicole Cooke retires - with a must-read statement


Cooke's retirement isn't a surprise - but her statement is explosive - taking aim at Armstrong, cycling's doping culture, the UCI, British Cycling and much more.

So who's Joe's mystery Aussie?


Lots of talk about omerta recently, but we're probably all guilty of ignoring stuff from time to time. Joe Papp dropped a none too subtle hint on his Twitter account that Jeannie Longo's husband was one of his clients a full year before ther story hit both the mainstream and the cycling press. Are we going to wait just as long for this story to come out in the open, or is it time for some baseless speculation over this comment he recently left on Gerard Vroomen's blog? there were several other very high profile clients of mine who they chose not to bring charges against, mainly b/c, while there was evidence of their guilt, there wasn’t the same kind of overwhelming evidence that characterized the other prosecutions. So one of those riders, an Australian, is still racing, winning and making $$$ on the bike today (in large part b/c he followed the personal security and anonymity best practices we documented for our clientele…). There was still reliable evidence that implicated him in doping violations, but not enough for USADA’s standards, which set the threshold so high that they don’t end-up wasting time or $$ on cases that are anything but a sure thing.

AP Reports Armstrong Will Not Fight USADA Charges

The Associated Press reports that Lance Armstrong will not contest the doping charges levelled against him by the USADA. Consequently, he is expected to lose his seven titles and receive a lifetime...

AP Reports Fränk Schleck Doping Positive at Tour de France


The AP reports that Fränk Schleck has tested positive for a banned diuretic, xipamide, at the Tour de France.

The Postal Five: What Are The Implications of the Armstrong Testimonies?


What are the implications of the newest story in the Lance Armstrong case?

Bruyneel: I will not be attending this year's Tour de France


Johan Bruyneel announced today that he will not be attending the 2012 Tour de France with his Radioshack Nissan - Trek team.

USADA Letter Details Doping Charges Against Lance Armstrong


The USADA opened a case against Lance Armstrong today charging him with doping practices spanning a period from 1996 though 2010. If proven, the case could mean that Armstrong will lose his seven...

Alberto Contador Ends the Speculation, Will Ride for Riis


Alberto Contador announced today that he will ride for Saxo Bank until 2015.

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