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Amigo, by Pedro Horrillo and Nando Boers


An epistolary dialogue between the Basque rider Pedro Horrillo and a Dutch journalist, Nando Boers.

Shay Elliott, by Graham Healy


Title: Shay Elliott: The Life And Death Of Ireland's First Yellow Jersey Author: Graham Healy with Richard Allchin (forewords by Sean Kelly and Pat McQuaid) Publisher: Mousehold Press Pages: 193 Y...

Interview: Herbie Sykes (Part the Third)


Regulars round here might be wondering what we're doing interviewing Herbie Sykes again, having already put up two interviews (Part 1, Part 2) with him barely a month ago after reviewing his new...

The Eagle of the Canavese, by Herbie Sykes


Title: The Eagle of the Canavese: Franco Balmamion and the Giro d'ItaliaAuthor: Herbie SykesPublisher: Mousehold Press Pages: 195Year: 2008Order: Mousehold PressWhat it is: A biography of sorts...

Ten Things: Herbie Sykes


You've read the review of Herbie Sykes' Giro d'Italia book, Maglia Rosa, and you've read the interview with the author about the book. At the end of that interview, we added a few more questions to...

Interview: Herbie Sykes


An expat Brit now living in Turin, Herbie Sykes is a fan of Italian cycling and a card-carrying member of the tifosi. His previous book, The Eagle of the Canavese, gave English-speaking cycling...

The Full Cycle, by Vin Denson


Title: The Full CycleAuthor: Vin DensonPublisher: Mousehold PressYear: 2008Pages: 160Order: Mousehold PressWhat it is: An autobiography from a 1960s domestique who rode in the service of Henri...

Vuelta Fables: The Basque Issue


The 2011 Vuelta a España will be the first Vuelta in thirty-three years to visit the Basque Country. When I first realised this a few months back I wondered what had happened the last time the race...

Viva La Vuelta! - The Story Of Spain's Great Bike Race, by Lucy Fallon and Adrian Bell


Books about the Tour de France are ten a penny. For the other Grand Tours though where do your turn to find out more about their histories? For the Giro d'Italia, your best bet is still Dino...

Freddy Maertens - Take Two


Just before the Vuelta a España, I took a look at Freddy Maertens' autobiography, Fall From Grace. Given Maertens' record-breaking haul of thirteen stages in the 1977 Vuelta, it seemed like a good...

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