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Kathryn Bertine's Half The Road Wins at Richmond Film Festiva

Kathryn Bertine's documentary about women's cycling, "Half The Road" won the Audience Choice award (overall) at the 2014 Richmond (VA) Film Festival. Chapeau, Kathy!!

Régis - a French bike/dance/Elvis/clowning/tourism/art film

I don't think I can get any better than that as a title.... this isn't to everyone's taste, but I really enjoyed it... Scroll down the page to get to the film. Regis includes 2012 Downhill MTB World Champ Morgane Charre and DHer Yoann Barelli, circus rider Alice Alart, trials rider Léo Nobile, and BMX rider Jeremy Brosset, with actress/clown Nathalie Masséglia as the lead character. More about the film on the Lez'Art website

A guide to following the 2013 MTB World Championships

My guide to following the 2013 MTB World Champs in Pietermartizburg - with links to how to watch the races live, helmetcam videos of the courses, and where I'll be looking to find all the information in the run-up and for the competitions. Click through and have a look - it's focused on the women but includes the men's racing too!

Women's Tour of Britain?

While it's obviously all in planning stages at the moment if Guy Elliot can pull of what he wants in this article it could be a promising step.

Ina-Yoko: Healing

A really hard-to-read, but important interview with Ina-Yoko Teutenberg about her crash and long recovery - and how it's effected her emotionally as well as physically. She's tough as hell, but head injuries are not simple to recover from - and it's a very good thing that her team are caring more for her well-being than their results. Here's hoping she heals fast and well

If you only read one thing about cycling today, read this

It's about the challenges of setting up a women's cycling team in Afghanistan - a whole other world of cycling issues - and you can donate to make the film happen, too

Really good news!!!

Una bellissima notizia! #girodonne is safe, and it will take place from the 28th June to the 7th July! #CICLISMO fb.me/1U3RsP2Za— Valentina Scandolara (@ValeScandolara) February 27, 2013 This is excellent news - the Giro Donne is the only women's Grand Tour left on the calendar, the only race allowed to be over a week long. It was under threat after the organisers withdrew, exhausted after sponsors pulled out in 2011, and it's been touch-and-go every since. This is such a relief!

Train with Pooley in Mallorca at Easter

Monty mentioned this training camp in the comments to a post several months ago, and after much dithering and delay I've just booked. Somewhat to my surprise there are still places available and greater flexibility than originally over dates, and Emma's still expected (though not absolutely guaranteed) to be there. Budget flights are getting more expensive every day though. Now, time to get in training for the training camp... UPDATE 1 March: Email from Tim says Emma will be there from 24 March until 6 April. And there are still spaces for a few more people, particularly during the second week. Tim says he aims "to give everyone opportunities to ride with Emma and to get coaching time with [him]".

Lizzie Armitstead questions if new teams will change women's cycling - BBC Sport

Five days old now, but I'd not seen it until today (I was offline most of last week). Seems worth posting (or do I mean shooting?) on PdC for the record, and as it may generate some discussion.

Nicole Cooke retires

.. and takes aim at drug cheats, former teams and the sport's governing body.

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