FSA Directeur Sportif


FSA-VDS Woes. Come cry with me.

First thing to put on the table, if you created a boring team with Sagan on it, we don't want to hear about how one of your other choices isn't performing up to par. Also, all of your choices may...


Who have you got for the Cobbles?

It's a big week in Belgium, with Gent-Wevelgem tomorrow, Driedaagse de Panne in midweek, all culminating in the magnificent Ronde next Sunday. I'll ignore GP Miguel Indurain (Wegmann is going to...


What have you got, MSR edition

The first monument of the season is upon us this weekend, with lots of points on offer. So it's time for another round of "what have you got". Sunday we have MSR and Cholet Pays de Loire for the...


FSA DS for Dummies: Some done Lots to go

Ahhhhhhh.... I can breathe. Some awesome Classics racing done. A couple of Major early season stage races done. The best month in cycling (well April=May>July) is coming up. If a guy who costs more...

FSA DS 2014 Women: Show me your cards!

So deadline has passed and the season is now officially underway as today is Omloop day! With a record breaking number of entries (over 300!) I am really curious who you all picked and why....


The Great Unveiling: FSA DS 2014

The month of February is over (somewhere in the world). The real season is here, and just about everyone who is going to has submitted their FSA DS teams. All those weeks of researching riders,...


FSA-DS Regrets: I Have a Few. Do You?

FSA-DS. The Agony and the Ecstasy. Let's face it, ecstasy's overrated and very few of us are going to feel any all season long. So let's put on some sad songs, stare at the rain outside the window,...



The official closing time of the FSA DS submissions has come and gone. Unfortunately though we had some problems with the mail from the FSA DS server so people had some last minute problems....

So you want to build an FSA DS Classics juggernaut


Of course as any sound Podiumcafe reader your highest wish in life is to build an FSA DS team that steamrolls the spring classics and lands you squarely in the lead after April. What happens...


FSA-VDS Starts this weekend...! What you got?

Yes...!!! Is almost here..! Some of us already submited our teams... Some others are lurking trying to come up with the perfect pick. Some are just being very carefull.. Last I read in one of the...


FSA DS For Dummies: Last week Ramblings.

FSA DS my fave thing about PdC. Team formation time, my favourite thing about FSA DS. It is almost done for another year. As we approach the time when all will be decided, those of us with...

FSA DS: Random rambling about women's cycling


Some thoughts and dilemmas about the FSA Directeur Sportif game.... add your own questions, thought and answers into the comments!

FSA DS: A History of Winning Strategies


You know... like, pick the guy who suddenly scores a bunch of points?


Post your flags over here..!

We are having too much fun playing with the flags over the other post... I think is about time to create a new one so we all can post the flags of the riders that we want to pick.. Or the ones...


FSA/DS Injury List

As we ponder our teams and make interminable changes over the next several weeks, one thing that we all worry about is that one of our riders has an injury and we don't hear about it until it's too...


FSA DS for Dummies: A whole bunch of Random.

What has dominated my thoughts for two days? has it only been two days? It is the opening moves of the most important and fun part of the FSA DS Season. Team picking time. As I sit here thinking a...

FSA Directeur Sportif 2014... Starts... NOW!


Stop emailing me. Okay? It's starting now... Welcome to the 2014 FSA Directeur Sportif! It's time to play, at last. Ursula's beakers and test tubes have been put back on the shelf. The riders...

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