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The Non-Mission Statement Mission Statement

I guess there are two general thoughts I have about blogs worth mentioning here:

  1.  Other than possibly Daily Kos, they cannot save the world; and
  2.  There is no reason they have to stick to any divine plan.
So no overarching preconceived notions.  That said, the primary focus of our work has been and will be to cover the Pro Cycling Tour (if that term still applies), not as a redundant news source so much as a discussion site.  If I start breaking news stories from my laptop in Seattle, my next post will be a fundraiser.  But Pete, Drew and I are all racers and terminally obsessive fans, so rather than leading the news we will follow closely be... I can't do it.  Rule No. 1: no tortured cycling metaphors.

Anyway, we tend to follow the domestic scene when it gets most interesting, and that's not to belittle it so much as a reflection of the fact that I don't get to watch the Cascade Classic on TV.  I would love to see readers who follow the domestic guys turn in lots of diaries.  Also, Drew will be reporting live from Flanders-Roubaix week; Pete will be breaking down the tech issues bolt-by-bolt, and we'll try to keep things fresh and evolving otherwise.