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::Roll Out::

Welcome to the Podium Cafe!

Just a couple quick introductions here. I'm Chris, a terribly unsuccessful cat-4 racer in Seattle who grew up taping the Tour de France every Sunday in the '80s, John Tesh synthesizers and all. My brother Pete and buddy Drew, both from Boston, will be joining us here frequently. Both are also racers back East... and have the road salt stains on their frames to prove it. Like you, we all have our own take on things, but our love of all things Cycling helps paper over the differences.

If you scroll down you can get a sense of what this site should be about. Also, we intend to discuss Cycling at some point in the future.

We are part of the SportsBlogs network, a series of blogs which employ the coolest blog software tools available, none of which I am capable of explaining. Still, if you create a login to be an active member here -- which you can make fairly impersonal and anonymous -- then you can not only comment on posts like any ol' site; you can write diaries (sort of your own blog within this blog), poll people on issues, search for topics, increase your lactic acid threshold, and find a perfect mate.

Anyway, stick around, check out the links, post some diaries, take the polls... what better place to idle away the hours than the Podium Cafe? Besides on a bike somplace, I mean?