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Daily Feedbag

OK, now that we're in the offseason, this column may be a tad less than daily, but if it's important, funny, stupid, or mentioning Iban Mayo, you'll read about it here!

Money Quote of the Day

"In Spain there are three 'aces': Freire, Valverde and Mayo," said Saunier Duval-Prodir DS Joxean Matxin yesterday during the official team announcement of Iban Mayo's signing.

How many Freires and Mayos would you trade for one Sammy Sanchez? Are all Spanish fans insane? Should Iban Mayo ever be allowed to carry Carlos Sastre's water bottle? And would he blow up on the first climb if he did? These and other questions go unasked.


Comings and Goings

Speaking of Basso, he's taking on the Alberto Tomba persona with his cycling-has-missed-me chat at Eurosport.

Oh, and ride along with Pez! OK, I'm slow, so here's their game story. Here from the champ beforehand.