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5th Annual Great Pancake Ride

The 5th annual Great Pancake Ride will be taking place on November 4th at 8:00am EST from my home on the South Shore of Boston.  The ride will begin as an inland rolling course past the farms and cranberry bogs of Plymouth County before we head back up along the rugged coastline of Duxbury and Marshfield.  

Ok, this isn't a new Pro Tour event, just a bunch of friends getting together to hammer out 50 miles and then gorge ourselves on pancakes.  Of course our endeavors are not entirely selfish.  

The riders will each be making a donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's Disease.  This charity is near and dear to my wife and I, as her Mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease some 11 years ago.  Through the wonders of research and the works of such outstanding organizations as Davis', those with PD can live comfortable normal lives.  Meg's mom is a tribute to that, but there is so much more that can be done.  

Davis, was diagnosed at the young age of 40 with PD.  As some of you may know, when a person contracts PD at such a young age, the effects are quite debilitating.  Davis and his foundation are striving to help those with PD live more comfortably.  

I welcome one and all to join us for the ride for some great fun and delicious pancakes (traditional as well as some seriously tasty "Foggy Morning" whole grain cakes).  If you cannot attend, I urge you to visit Davis' foundation and do what you can.    

Thank you.