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Cosmo on Basso

The Cycloblogosphere's least coy critic takes on the Basso merry-go-round. The money quote:

When cycling's most feared and respected rider gets suspended - that is, demonized, scapegoated, robbed of work, etc. - without charge, and now, it seems, without even any good evidence, you might expect that a cycling's allegedly free press would be standing for accountability as strongly as they clamored for justice. You'd be wrong. Sure, a few voices peeped defiantly along with me, but how many times can you shout yourself hoarse against the mob before you start to sound crazy.

Update [2006-10-20 14:30:34 by chris]: Cosmo has a point... as compared to some foaming ranters. If you can find a takeaway message in this VN piece, I'd like to hear it.