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The Feedbag... and the Offseason

Like the racers we cover, after going non-stop since March I am really excited that the season is over, and will honor the sport's life cycle by writing a bit less than you might be used to. Actually, if you hadn't noticed, fatigue set in about a month ago, which would explain why this site has been concentrating exclusively on making stupid jokes since the end of the Vuelta.

Never fear, though. The offseason plan calls for keeping on top of whatever news is out there, including late transfers and of course drug developments. I also get essays and reorganization projects in my head from time to time that I vowed to pursue in the offseason. I do want to explicitly extend the offer (that already existed) to all readers to take charge of daily links whenever the mood strikes you. If you post a diary of links before, say, 10:30am Pacific, you'll be in no danger of stepping on my toes. All essays and other chatter welcomed too. But we need to be realistic: once the peloton gets to Milan in March, it's go-go-go for six straight months. So pace yourselves.

Anyway, today's money quote, and links on the flip:

Tinkoff team manager Omar Piscina told VeloNews: "Tyler Hamilton is a great rider and he has ended his problem about the positive case."
  • Missed the Falling Leaves? The Broadband Racer has a video essay on the race and the utterly stupid spat btw the Giro people (boo!) and the UCI (yay!).
  • Bicycling has several 2006-in-review articles up, but this one was the only link that would actually load.
  • Pez reviews Cobbles Baby!, a documentary about the 2004 Paris-Roubaix, which Ruthann kindly dropped on me recently. Look for the PodCaf review in our upcoming movie review section.
  • Oh, and if the site disappears for a while today, blame Markos.