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Daily Feedbag

Lots of odd stories today...

First off, my (our?) condolences to World Champion Paolo Bettini, whose big brother Sauro died in a car accident yesterday.

BiciRace also has a brief story, along with some earlier, happier quotes from the Champ about next year.


  • Interbike coverage seems to be mostly video; here are a few places to look:

VN videos has a live daily show

Bicycling is there

Interbike website, complete with the Interbike Times, the official "blog" notwithstanding its boosterish tone.

  • Nobody, not even this site, gets its previews out before BiciRace. They've got their Paris-Tours coverage off the ground already.
  • What's more shocking, the Mayo to Saunier Duval rumors or the fact that Mayo is the party who's grown tired of his constant coddling?
  • Astana reveals its three pronged attack for TdF'07: Andrey, Andreas, and Alexandre. There's a nickname waiting to happen somewhere in here... Meanwhile, CN reports:
Alexandre Vinokourov and Andrey Kashechkin were honoured on Monday, October 2, by the President of Kazakhstan for their performance in the Vuelta a España. Head of State Nursultan Nasarbayev bestowed the order "Barys", second degree on Vuelta winner Vinokourov. Kashechkin received an apartment in the nation's capital.
  • The gift that keeps on giving... yes, it's an Oscar Pereiro interview!
The Caisse d'Epargne-Illes Balears rider recognizes that, although everybody celebrated him when he arrived at home, "I am a modest rider who has gone little by little in this sport, finished second in the Tour when neither I have the condition nor am I Miguel Induráin. When the Landis affair appeared, I was still satisfied being second and wanted to forget everything that happened."

Do Spanish journalists ever read his prior quotes back to him? Or do I have to hunt down the "Pereiro: Landis Stole My Victory" articles myself?