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Weekend Feedbag




Today's finale at Paris-Tours was just plain ugly. Eventual winner Frederic Guesdon spent the final km swerving back and forth behind CSC's Kurt Asle Arvesen, determined not to go in front until the final 200 meters. OK, sometimes that's how you win, though we all recall instances where this final km gamesmanship has allowed the breakaway to be swamped by the field at the line. Well, today the peloton was breathing down the necks of the two-man break, but then the peloton also went into slow-moving gamesmanship mode. Bizarre, and not in a good way.

Anyway, real news was being made the night before, as Floyd Landis dialed into Daily Peloton forums to talk about his case. Nice to have personal contact with the sport's most talked-about rider... not that I was in there. Anyway, as word gets out, this should lead to some interersting exchanges...

dickie-LB: Floyd, why don't you just come clean? everyone knows you did it :-P

Floyd: Um, go f*** yourself?

oscarita: Floyd, if you capitulate, there is still time to recognize the rightful winner. Thanks.

Floyd: Um, ...

Anyway, supposedly he's going to make his defense available on his website, but right now the most recent post concerns the Nickel Mines tragedy.