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Daily Feedbag

I think I finally found some fun Cycling chatter that doesn't have anything to do with doping. Let's see...

  • Mancebo to Tinkoff! Wait, he's an OP character... and so apparently will be half his teammates.
  • OK then, the CN roundup contains the heartwarming story of fake emails from the lab where... never mind.

more on the flip...

  • As part of a freewheeling interview Erik Zabel opined that heads must roll given the failure of Operacion Puerto to result in any changes, besides a few roster shakeups and the radiocativity of Jan Ullrich. Zabel suggests WADA and the UCI should be held accountable for the lack of action. Somewhere in me is a follow-up rant regarding my proposal for a single, unified governing body in charge, wherein I call for all current UCI and WADA people to be barred from management. The point, if I had one, would be that just as the current generation of riders is too entrenched in the doping culture to change, so too is the current generation of management too invested in the balkanization of the sport. It's up to a new set of fresh eyes to make real change. I nominate my son Sage to the presidency.
  • Lots of praise for CSC's bold new program out there. Nothing new is being said beyond what you've read here, but there was a note in the CN roundup that this falls in line with similar efforts by T-Mobile and Gerolsteiner. Gerolsteiner? Does anyone know what they have in mind? I can't find anything, and as of this morning their website still sucks.