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Podium Cafe Book Club

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First, I'm not sure if I'm proposing a book discussion group -- open to suggestions on how people want to interact, if at all. But I am shilling for what looks like a really interesting read: Six-Day Races: America's Jazz-Age Sport. Here's the Amazon blurb:

Six-Day bicycle racing was once the biggest spectator sport in America: In the 1920s and 1930s, those envents held at indoor tracks around the country attracted bigger crowds and paid bigger purses than baseball, football, or hockey. This highly pictorial books tells the story of six-day racing in America from its beginning in the last decase of the 19th century up to attempts at revival in the 1970s. A lively text by Peter Joffre Nye and an amazing collection of duotone photographs allows the reader to relive this exciting period, this almost forgotten era of American sports history.

One of the authors, Seattle-ite Jeff Groman, is a real cycling historian, runs Classic Cycles on Bainbridge Island, and has a collection of bikes at the nearby Bicycle Museum. He also lives next door to a good friend of mine. Anyway, the book is on my list, as soon as Pete gets sends me a copy for my birthday.