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Where To Raise the Kid?

CN's notes officially kick off the 2008 transfer season by looking at Damiano Cunego's negotiations with Lampre for an extension. Some curious stuff in there, such as his seeking $1.5 mil, which seems a bit light for his upside, and the basic fact that he's already talking about his plans for the year after next.

He seems to want to stay in Italy, scuttling my unfounded speculation that he could use a couple years in Belgium. My guess is that Lampre can't afford to skimp here, with Leakygas and Milram waiting in the wings. Line of the day is how Milram already have team leaders in Zabel and Petacchi. It's possible the Kid could actually sprint with those guys on certain days, but otherwise I'm guessing they wouldn't get in each others' way too much.

And yes, I am not commenting on Pereiro's latest volley of stupidity.