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Buy Your Cycling.TV Subscriptions Here!

This year or next, when you subscribe to the Cycling.TV Premium service, help support the Podium Cafe and purchase your access by clicking on our logo, here and permanently located in the links sidebar...

All this means is that I'm shilling subscriptions, wherein I get a kickback when you buy, not unlike the Cub Scouts. Of course, there are some important differences:

  • Unlike the Cub Scouts, what's being sold via this site has value;
  • Unlike the Cub Scouts, I and everyone else here reserve(s) the right to diss C.Tv when warranted; and
  • Unlike the Cub Scouts, I actually care about the product C.TV is marketing. When's the last time a Cub Scout could claim that "Better Homes and Gardens has changed my life!"?