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Daily Feedbag

We'll be featuring the ROY piece at the top of the stack for the next few days, since this is something of a big story by our, um, standards. So scroll past the first post for the day's updates.

Which, today, begin with The Kid at the Texas A&M wind tunnel. CN hung out all day and does a good job explaining how the tests work. Sensibly enough, they start with his 2006 bike and position to set the baseline, using a 30mph wind varying from straight on to 20 degrees in each direction... then start tweaking his position and bike from there. No word on whether CN is accompanying him on the rest of his honeymoon. Damiano and family are off to Cancun. Can he beat the record time climbing the pyramids at Chichen Itza?

More, always more...

  • I know my brother will love this story, the tale of the former holder of the one-year distance record holder. Anyone know what the one-year distance record by someone with a day job is?
  • Is this the worst investment of 2006? At least VDB brought Unibet some added publicity. Rujano was nonexistent... which the sponsors always love.