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Big Movement: Il Falco to Continental Squad?

CN reports that Paolo Savoldelli may be ditching his tenuous new situation at Astana, in light of their licensing snafus, for an Italian team emerging from the remains of Team LPR, another smaller team, and the founder of the co-founder of Carrera bikes, Davide Boifava. Among the riders being linked to Boifava:

  • Daniele Nardello
  • Paolo Savoldelli
  • Oscar Sevilla
  • Jose Enrique Gutierrez
  • Jose Rujano

Like the guys jumping ship to Wiesenhof, this is again a reasonable way to go. A team like this is a near certainty for a Giro wildcard, and if they get it, they'll be heard from. The bigger question is, are two super-sized continental squads a trend? Is there something afoot in the sport where, for a decent sized block of riders, just outside the Pro Tour is the place to be?