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Tyler signed and admits to....something?

Egoat raised this in the previous thread and the full story is here

Tyler rides again

What glaringly stood out (to me) was this bit:

"I made a mistake and the price that I had to pay was very high," said Hamilton. His lawyer confirmed, via Tinkoff press officer Danilo Viganò, to Cyclingnews that a one-year agreement was made for the 2007 season. "Now I am ready to put myself back into competition. I passed excruciating long months and have come out on top thanks to the help of my family and my close friends. Now I am ready to for a new challenge and I want to thank Tinkoff Credit Systems for offering me this new opportunity."

So, is this a non-admission admission? Is he finally admitting that his disappearing twin had already in fact disappeared long before he was a convenient excuse for failing 3 doping controls? Is this his way of saying he cheated and hoping everyone can move on, a la David Millar? Just what the hell is he talking about?