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UCI "Hears" Concerns; Shortened Vuelta Coming?

Breaking news: it sounds like the idea of shortening the Vuelta has legs. According to the article, which VN cribs from El Pais, the Vuelta calendar is being squeezed by the tours of Germany and Poland.

So some people might want a two-week race -- see Cycle Sport, for starters. But is this doing the riders any favors... shorter Vuelta to accommodate two more stage races that month? Also, was there a public outcry to lop a week off the Vuelta to accommodate the Tour of Poland? I'm beginning to wonder who's driving this ship...

[Aside: VN appears to be the first English report. Seems like it wasn't that long ago they appeared to have quit reporting in favor of getting their miles in. But as I've noted recently, they've got their game back now.]