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Daily Feedbag

News of the Cycling world leans heavily toward the ridiculous these days, and in fact, it seems like it would be more efficient to talk in terms of the stories we won't be covering here. So here goes.

on the flip...

  • We also don't have space here to cover German kids we've never seen, particularly when the peloton features youngish German adults at the head of every race.
  • While we wait with baited breath to hear about the fate of the Vuelta, we will avoid following every rumor or loose quote until there's real news.
  • Unless and until he dons a yellow jersey, we will not be covering this man. Period.
  • We've said all we can about Isaac Galvez. We feel for his family and friends -- how can you not? -- but as a blogging topic, all I can say is death sucks, and so does hearing about it every time a cyclist is involved.
  • We most definitely will not be covering the tit-for-tat between Ivan Basso and Bjarne Riis. I thought they went their separate ways so they could stop arguing.
  • We wouldn't touch this story with a 70 cm downtube.
  • We of course will be covering the Tour of California, especially with the Discovery, CSC, and You're Pregnant-Lotto squads committing to showing up. But we won't be covering last year's winner, at least not until USADA has something definitive to say.

So what will we be covering?


Oh, and maybe Steve's ToC training buddy Lars Michaelsen.