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Double-Post: the Bike Show and DNA Wars

Light blogging today, so I think my two subjects of the day will be merged into a single post.

First, the amusing -- at least since I don't have time or inclination to go to bike shows. Apparently Portland, OR has decided to take on Interbike as the bike show in America. The result is apparently a split, whereby neither show would really accomplish the one-stop gear-porn-fest that is the goal. Personally, I'm amused by Portland, a true biking city in all respects and one I could drive to with ease... but nobody throws a trade show like Vegas.

As for more serious stuff, Podium Cafe Rider of the Year Alejandro Valverde (can I get a macro for this?) has come out against DNA testing, again responding to bothersome reporters during his Curacao "vacation." This on the heels of Bettini making the same declaration, which says to me that the riders will likely coalesce around this position. As ham-handed as citing the "pack mentality" may sound, let's face it: when two giants of the sport pick sides on a controversial issue, it's both influential and a decent indication of how riders feel. Unless a few other stars start saying they're for it, and soon, I'd bet the momentum will lead to a general rejection by the peloton.

Oh, and don't think I didn't notice that the guys whose opinion everyone wants were the PC-ROY finalists...