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Power Blogging!

Do you live for wattage numbers and obsess over technologies that deliver them? Check out the new blog run by my friend and teammate Josh, Powertapped, where you can chat about all things wattage. Last I checked, Josh's wattage numbers were worth recording, unlike my flabby self, so expect some well informed posts. And he's a real writer to boot.

[FYI, Josh and I ride for Ti Cycles, one of the larger teams in Seattle. We benefit from both critical mass and that MSN-style love of technology among our leadership, the result being a pretty advanced approach to training considering it's being carried out largely by cat-4s in their spare time. I rode with Josh last year, at least at the start of some races, but he won way too much and got kicked upstairs.]

See, this is the kind of random self-indulgence you can read here in November.