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Race of the Year!

Thanks to Flying Dog for the suggestion down in the ROY thread...the reminiscing doesn't end with the Rider of the Year decision! Now that the season is over, we can somewhat less formally decide what was the single best race of the year. Might even turn to team of the year and even Podium Cafe thread of the year...

But first: What was the best race day of 2006, and why? I'm going to do this purely on a popular vote, no internal judgments. We'll round up some nominees and post a poll in a few days.

To start, a few nominees, on the flip:

  • Paris-Roubaix jumps out at me. Very dramatic for a race that was won going away.
  • Obviously Floyd's romp for the ages... although again we have to wade into drug stuff.
  • Bettini's wins in both Salzburg and Lombardia.
  • Flanders... the coronation over the greatest of courses.

I could go on, but it would actually help to first scroll back to some live threads to see when things really got their hottest. More importantly, you all have plenty of ideas beyond what I could list. Have at it!