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Techs Mechs: New toys for '07?

Ok, my primary bike has survived another year and it's still in showroom condition, or at least it will be once it gets it's thorough year-end cleaning (thread forthcoming).  Not sure there is much I want to change for next year.  

The bar and stem are still perfect (and I like them), the Eurus wheels are still true, upgraded already to Record carbon cranks, new rubber and chain, but that's a given.  Nothing new in pedals to sway me away from my trusty  Speedplay  X2's and I plan on being buried while perched on my Aspide saddle (and it's starting to look cool with the graphics fading).  
I am buying a used soft tail MTB off a friend to take advantage of the warmth of the nearby state forest and I'm excited about stripping it down and building it up after each little part is cleaned and greased.  
Nothing revolutionary in frames this year, but Campy's new Groups are getting some nice reviews.  SRAM Force is going to be Saunier Duvals component group next year as it continues to gain credibility throughout the industry.  
What's on your Holiday wish list this winter (besides stronger legs)?