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My Inner Trump: Pat McQuaid, You're Fired!!

OK, the usual disclaimers about how I don't know who hates whom or says what behind closed doors in Europe... but now that six Cycling federations have condemned the Pro Tour, including Belgium, Spain, France and Italy... is it time to pull the plug on Pat McQuaid?

More on the flip...

The indictment against McQuaid is this:

  • He has done little to address doping, in any constructive manner, other than slinging mud.
  • He has done little to heal the rift between the Pro Tour and the race organizers, which has devolved into intifada territory.
  • Now, apparently, he's even managed to drive the national federations into the arms of such savory characters as the ASO. OK, so France, Spain and Italy are just siding with their own grand tours, but Belgium?

Maybe none of this is McQuaid's fault, and we shouldn't scapegoat him. But living in these times, where our own national leaders blame us for the mess in Iraq, my knee-jerk reaction is to redirect blame right back to folks in the highest office. And right now, the UCI is making a huge mess of everything it touches, which means its president has some 'splaining to do. As for McQuaid, this is the guy who, just in the last week, used a condolence letter to Spanish cycling regarding Isaac Galvez' tragic death as an opportunity to beat them up about Operacion Puerco, and contradicted his own organization as to why the Astana application was denied.

Again, usual disclaimers about my lack of inside info, but doesn't it seem that McQuaid has very rapidly devolved into a raging blowhard who not only doesn't solve any of the sport's crushing problems, but actually makes them worse?

I'd hope, in Cycling if not elsewhere, that when you screw up this badly, you actually lose your job... and not for a better one someplace else either.