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Showing Saiz the Door (and Welcoming Unibet)

"...The Licence Commission has accepted the request for withdrawal of the licence of the company Active Bay, as presented by the President of the Council of the UCI ProTour, Mr. Vittorio Adorni. The licence in question thus is automatically withdrawn."

Apparently Active Bay is NOT going to hold onto its Pro Tour slot next year, despite past assurances, because the UCI has determined that Manolo Saiz doesn't have the financial backing required. This whole saga turns out to be a lot less crazy than it appeared at times, as the UCI has nixed Saiz' pro tour ambitions on contractual bases, thus sparing us a few years of litigation stories. Sure, everyone wants to see Saiz punished for his Operacion Puerco escapades, but life just isn't that simple. So the UCI took action on other grounds, something that won't raise much interest among Saiz' lawyers. Until a mechanism for prosecuting OP folks is in place, this is the next best thing. See the coverage at CN and VN.

And welcome to the big leagues, Unibet!