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Daily Feedbag

Thor Hushovd to the Giro? That's only the start of today's news:

  • Jan Auf'd: Ullrich resigned to his fate in the Pro Tour... but he's still looking to squeeze out one more Grand Tour, with a continental outfit. Good luck with that.
Personally, I believe that it is actually the best anti-doping programme in history. I look forward to starting it, at least for my team, and hope that many other teams will follow.  Okay, T-Mobile have already introduced something which while it is not quite the same, it is similar.

For my money, T-Mob's program is infinitely more innovative than Riis's plan to just test everyone to death. But Riis says all these efforts are probably good for Cycling, and I can't argue  with him.

  • OK, what's up with the recent wave of nostalgia for the Coors Classic? Does this have to do with the X-mas shopping season? Am I getting a replica of that horrible leader's jersey with the red and white stripes? Anyway, Prof. Wilcockson takes a look back.