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Into the Spotlight

Seems like a good time to welcome Unibet to the Pro Tour. Let's take a quick look around at the newest addition to the Peloton.

For starters, it's always a good sign to see a serviceable website in place, in English as well as Flemish. The team is considered both Swedish and Belgian in its origins, with the title sponsor being a sports gambling website serving all of Europe. Hey, if Amgen can sponsor racing...

Anyway, Wikipedia has two separate articles describing the history of the squad as Mr.Bookmaker, and showing 2006 rosters.

The latest transfer tally shows them adding the enigmatic Jose Rujano to their list, along with known quantities Baden Cooke, Mario Zanotti, and Carlos Garcia Quesada (an OP suspect).

Thus far the presence of famed Lucien Van Impe in the DS role hasn't swayed many Belgian stars, but it'll be interesting if the team decides to make a name for itself in its semi-home nation and start recruiting the Quick Step helpers in starring roles. With only QSI and Davitamon fighting for shares of one of Cycling's great talent pools, there's room for another team to share the spoils. Unibet may have to bide their time for a season, but if they've got good financial footing and an ability to stay out of the doping headlines, they could make their name in the Springtime. Just a hunch.