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Operacion Puerto: More Details Confirmed?

Interviu, sort of the Spanish Playboy, is apparently about to publish numerous details from the Operacion Puerto scandal, according to Cycling News. Seems as though the magazine's main contribution to the story is to break down some of the cryptic data siezed from Fuentes. Here's a key excerpt:

According to Interviú*, Basso and Ullrich were both to be charged €70,000 for Fuentes' services during the 2006 season, the riders appearing as `2 Bírilo' and `1 Nibelungo' on a document bearing the headers D/161 Presupuesto [budget/estimate] 2006 Ingresos.

`5 Sevilla', `17 Porras', `4 Botero' and `14 Hrs' are listed opposite the charge of €50, 000, while `12 Gutí' and `19 Oso' are down to pay €25,000. The magazine alleges that these codenames refer to Oscar Sevilla, Francisco Mancebo, Santiago Botero, Roberto Heras and José Enrique Gutiérrez, with the identity of `19 Oso' not being clarified.

Oh, and don't open this link at work but if you want to go straight to the source, I'm guessing Interviu will put something on line.