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Landaluze Wins... for Him and Floyd?

CN has the story about the CAS throwing out charges that Inigo Landaluze took testosterone boosting PEDs during the 2005 Dauphine Libere. Eurosport has it too.

Floyd Landis is either seizing the moment, or at least answering calls from reporters, because Eurosport also has a piece on his reaction to the verdict. On the face of it, the fact that Landaluze got off on a somewhat flimsy technicalilty -- a finding that a person who worked on the A sample also worked on the B, which is a no-no -- is far short of the kind of exoneration you want to be celebrating. But, the lab in question is of course Chatenay-Mabry, and the rule -- however minor seeming -- is intended to prevent conflicts of interest. I seem to recall that such conflicts are at least a part of Floyd's case; if nothing else, he gets to talk about how these testosterone cases don't inspire confidence.

In a seemingly unrelated story, Astana is still pissed about the twists and turns in their Pro Tour application. But it strikes me that there's a legitimate reason the UCI didn't want to license a team backed by a national cycling federation -- the federations are responsible for doping sanctions for their home riders. Just a wee little conflict of interest there, eh? Giving them a team license would add new meaning to the nickname "the Free Men."