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Techs Mechs: Aluminum? Why not?

With my A bike retired for the winter I've been getting re-acquainted with my secondary bike, a fairly non-descript Pinarello Surprise which is 7005 T6 aluminum.  The Surprise was fairly low on Pinarello's food chain when I bought this bike back in 2002, but I must say I hardly notice much (if any) difference between my primary and secondary bikes.  It is light, responsive, doesn't seem to be terribly punishing, can be ignored for weeks after a wet salty ride and shines right back up, and is just a good old reliable friend (like Drew, only less likely to corrupt me).

Don't be put off by the harshness of the early aluminum frames put out by Klein and Cannondale in the 80's.  Today's aluminum with 7000 series alloy, Optimo, scandium, butting, hydroforming and multiple shaped tubes, can produce a stiff and comfortable ride at a fraction of the price of Carbon or Titanium.   It's funny, but I feel like a traditionalist touting the virtues of aluminum, but it has almost become the new steel.  And although it may not be cool to admit it, I bet many of you are currently enjoying your alloy Road, Cross or MTB frames. I know I am.



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  • 66%
    Aluminum is a great choice for it's stiffness and dependabilty. Plus It won't break the bank.
    (26 votes)
  • 33%
    No way, Aluminum is too harsh for me. Give me carbon,ti or steel.
    (13 votes)
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