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I am not dredging up old news,

but this bit from Pez absolutely killed me (I think Jered Gruber should get a wristband if we have any left).

Pereiro Still Vomiting

...words that is. In a recent interview with Spanish sports paper Marca, Pereiro had this bile to cough up:

"I don't see that there is a will to rule over the problem. Even the organizers of the Tour de France are lost, disoriented, and can't do anything. The people give me the feeling that I'm the winner, but I'm not. If I am eventually the winner of the 2006 Tour, I'd like to know today, so that I can profit from it, not sometime in a few years."

At the bare minimum, at least one can call him honest to the point of absurdity - he should want to get as much profit out of his fluke, because it was just that. Not to take anything away from Pereiro (which I am), but if he did win the Tour de France due to a negative ruling against Landis by USADA, he'd be the worst winner in ages. He should recognize this and shut up and wait to see what happens with Landis, because if Landis is due anything, he is due a fair decision whenever it may come. So until that time, someone needs to put a muzzle on Pereiro, who will never again contend in a Grand Tour - mark my words. And if he does, I will shave my head. Write it down.