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Daily Feedbag

Quick roundup from a slow week...

  • Some interesting tidbits from the CN notes, such as a piece about Pereiro and Valverde channeling Miguel Indurain. Can Sammy Sanchez ride a time trial? I have no way of knowing, but I'll guess that by year's end he will be Spain's second best rider.
  • Oh, and the Tour de Langkawi lineup is in. Bouygues Telecom, Credit Agricole, Francaise des Jeux, AG2R and are all headed to Malaysia. If you ever want a list of teams to cut when you make the Pro Tour smaller (say, 15 teams), just look at the Langkawi team list.
  • Italy updates include Il Falco lining up for the double, and Bettini speculating that he's got two seasons left. I don't know much about Bettini the person, but he doesn't strike me as the type to walk away; more the kicking and screaming type. He's talking a lot about Flanders, and the retirement angle will amp up the Boonen-versus-Bettini fun in April. Savoldelli likes this year's Giro better. He should; last year's was poison to him.
  • More drive time with Pez. Is anyone else a little troubled by the fact that an overwhelming percentage of Pez non-news pieces involve beer and cars?